14 May

what is guest posting

what is guest posting in SEO?

We have to understand first. “What is guest posting“? We have to identify different websites of our niche. This is guest processing.

For example, our website is Furniture Nishe. We sell furniture on it. For this I have to create backlinks with the help of guest post. For this I need to identify my own niche websites. This does not mean that I will identify our competitors’ websites. We have to find websites that provide information regarding our niche. There should be blog type websites. I will put my content on it. This will give me a backlink.

There will be some terms and conditions that must be met before content can be uploaded. Here comes the question. You will get a backlink. What will the website receiving the content receive? Content writing takes a toll. They will survive this quest. You will get a backlink. Many websites also charge some money. The authority of these websites is very good. There is nothing wrong with giving money. Before submitting articles, it is very important to make them SEO friendly.

Choose Guest posting websites properly

You have to choose guest posting websites carefully. You must take into account your niche. The authority of this website should also be better. At least you should be better. Otherwise you will not benefit.

Make sure you are writing for website users

You have to write content for the users of the guest posting website. It shouldn’t sound like you’re writing for yourself. The only benefit of guest posting is that you get a good backlink. This is also getting you users. Who come to your website by clicking on a link from a guest posting website.

Create backlink on Authority website

Better for you. You should only build backlinks on websites with good authority. This will benefit your website. As we have told this in previous articles. You will get good link juice.

Create Author Bio

Whenever you post an article on a guest post website, make sure to include an Author Bio section at the end of the article. Google places a lot of importance on the Author Bio section. Any blog that has a Author bio section. Users also trust it.

Try for Do Follow Backlinks

You must try to get do follow backlinks. No follow so you’re getting it from a lot of places anyway. Even after so much effort, there is no follow back link.

How can we search for guest posting websites?

For this you have to go to Google search engine. There you have to write it.

For Example: Digital Marketing + intitle “write for us”


For Example: Digital Marketing + intitle “Guest Blog”

You have to press the search button. Now the result you will see. This is the filtered result. You start opening the website link alternately. After opening the link you will see the terms and conditions for posting content written here. Full guidelines will be written here. There are three types of ways to add content.

  1. Can direct submit
  2. Can email the website
  3. You can tell the website via email how you want to write content on the topic.

Some websites will accept your content. Some websites will even reject your content. The reason for rejection is not fully following the guidelines. It should be 100% implemented. This method will help you become the best off page SEO specialist.

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