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What is do follow and no follow backlinks in SEO

What is do follow and no follow backlinks in SEO

We have a question “What is do follow and no follow backlinks in SEO” and we want to get an answer. In addition to answering this question, we need answers to other questions. For example

  • Main differences?
  • Which to create?
  • Which is more valuable for SEO?
  • How many Do Follow backlinks and no follow backlinks to create?

DoFollow and NoFollow HTML Code Difference

DO Follow HTML Code:

<a href=”https://bilalahmedwattoo.com”>Digital Marketing Expert</a>

NO Follow HTML Code:

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://bilalahmedwattoo.com”>Digital Marketing Expert</a>

One question first comes to mind here. How can we see which link follows and which is not a follow link? We can see this by going to any website inspect. Which of the above codes is used? If you see no-follow HTML code, you understand that it is a no-follow backlink. You can also check this by installing some Chrome extensions. It is best to check through inspect.

Now let’s talk about the difference in the importance of both of them. This is a controversial topic. Both links are the same for the user. He clicks on it and goes to another website.

When a search engine crawler visits a website page, it attaches separate importance to no-follow backlinks and do-follow backlinks. Do Follow link means. We ask the crawler to follow the backlink. The crawler will also crawl the other website by visiting the link. No follow backlink means. While on the same website, it will collect information about other websites. Google will take this information as a hint.

It is important to talk about it here. When one website links to another website, the second website also transfers value to the first website. This is called link juice. If the backlink is No Follow. There is little transfer of value.

For example, there are two trainers in one place. One is also old and famous. The second trainer is newer and less popular. A student comes there and asks for a recommendation. Both recommend it in some way. The question here is which recommendation will he believe the most and which the least? Will definitely pay more attention to the old one. Google also pays more attention to older websites.

A backlink is a type of referral. If we get a backlink from a good old website then it will be a good reference for our website. If this link is a link to follow, great. You don’t get any following, there may be benefits.

what is do follow and no follow backlinks

Benefits of Do Follow Backlinks

  1. Crawling
  2. Link Juice (Reference)
  3. improve ranking

Initially there was no concept of following and not following. All backlinks are Do Follow. The question is, why no follow back links? In the past some SEO experts used to get backlinks from good websites for spam websites. Considering this, Google has decided not to report any sequels. This was one of the main reasons. In 2005, no follow tags were introduced.

Where are no follow backlinks automatically created?

  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Media Links
  • Link which are user generated Content
  • Link Forum etc

Keep this in mind. You will need both of these for a great backlink profile. It is true that do follow is better than no follow. This doesn’t mean you only create do-follows. Many people say. No-follow backlinks should be completely ignored. It would be very wrong to do so. Google also takes some hints from no-follow. It also contributes to the ranking.

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