18 May

What is article directory submission

What is article directory submission in SEO?

First is the question, What is article directory submission. We will write articles according to our niche first. We find many such websites on search engines. This website can submit articles. You will say now. This is exactly like guest posting. This is not the case at all. These are not blogs. These are article directories. Only relevant categories of guest posts were allowed to be submitted. But you can also submit your category here. This is your benefit. You no longer have to look at which website to export your category.

  1. Choose Topic

  2. Introduction

  3. Headings

  4. Conclusion

  5. Author Profile

  6. Backlink Do / No Follow

  7. SEO Checklist

  8. 800+ Words

How to get article directory submission backlink?

1. Find Article Directories:

First, search for article directories that accept submissions. Make a list of directories that have good reputations, high domain authority, and quality guidelines.

2. Create a high-quality article:

Secondly, Write a high-quality article that provides value to readers. Make sure it’s unique, informative, and engaging. Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

3. Follow Article Directory Guidelines:

Thirdly, Before submitting the article, read the article directory guidelines. Make sure your item meets their standards and follow their instructions. Some directories may have specific requirements for article length, format, and keyword density.

4. Submit the article:

Subscribe to the article directory and enter all the required information. Follow the submission process and upload your item. Moreover, Some directories may require you to include a bio, a link to your website, or add tags.

5. Wait for approval:

The Article Directory team will review your request and accept or decline it. If they accept it, they will post it on their website and you will get a backlink to your website.


In conclusion,it’s important to submit your article to high quality directories. Avoid submitting to low-quality directories that could hurt your website’s SEO. if you work in this way you will become Off page SEO Expert.

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