7 May

what are backlinks in seo

Complete Guide What are backlinks in SEO?

This is very important to know “what are backlinks in SEO”. It is very important to understand the bases of the backlink. Most people start the process immediately. They include some ways to build backlinks and start building. They do not know the concept. What are backlink? How many ways are backlink? They focus only on the process without looking at the strength of the Foundation. We must first strengthen the Foundation. After including the Foundation you will know which backlink are the best for you and which ones not.

What is the meaning of Backlinking?

what are backlinks in seo

Backllink  =  Off page SEO  =  Inbound Link

If a website has a link to another website. We can say that the first website is giving a backlink to the second website.

How a Backlink Look:

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Why Backlinks?

  1. Backlink are a vote of trust from other websites.
  2. The backlinks were the foundation of Google’s original algo – “Page Rank”.
  3. In various experiments, we have seen the ranking of websites improve due to backlink.

What makes Good Backlinks?

  1. Relevance
  2. Uniqueness of backlinks from domain
  3. natural placement of backlinks
  4. rich anchor text
  5. Backlinks can also send traffic to your website
  6. Boost Website Rank = Quality Backlinks + Quantity Backinks

Types of Backlinks

  • Do – Follow Backlinks
  • No – Follow Backlinks

This article is only the start of the topic of this backlink series. This is just beginning to be understand “what are backlinks in seo?”. There will be more articles on this. Continue reading our articles to become a backlinks expert.

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