5 May

How to start a blog

Complete Guide to start a blog website from scratch

Every budding writer has a question about how to start a new blog website. Any writer needs a blogging website to showcase their writing online. When it comes to websites, newbies think it’s a very difficult and expensive job. That is absolutely not the case. The simplest part of any website is the blog. I’m not saying that beginning writers will make the best blog site. But you can easily create a proper blogging website. Now let’s see how to start a real blog. The steps of him are as follows.

1) Deciding Your Niche

How to start a blog

The first important thing in choosing a niche is interest. You can select the niche that interests you. If there is no interest, you will soon get bored. Interest will also make your writing easier. Don’t pick a niche for more money. Otherwise, you will not be able to work in this niche for a long time.

2) Purchase Domain / Hosting / SSL Certificate

How to start a blog

To start a blog, you must first purchase a domain, hosting and an SSL certificate. Buy them from the cheapest and best sellers. There will be many sales plans on the seller’s website. You have to purchase the most suitable plan from there. Buy a plan for at least one year. Buy a domain that matches the niche. I prefer to choose plan from blue host.

3) Install Setup of wordpress

How to start a blog

Well, there are many website building tools out there, but WordPress is the simplest. I will tell you the steps to create a website.

  • You will receive an email with the information from the hosting provider.

  • Enter your username and password in Cpanel.

How to start a blog
  • Install worpress in Cpanel

How to start a blog
  • Go to the wordpress dashboard

How to start a blog
  • Select the theme (I prefer to install generat plus for blog)

How to start a blog
  • Delete plugins you don’t need

How to start a blog
  • Adjust General Settings

adjust general settings
  • Choose best option in permalinks

parmalinks settings
  • Create pages (about us, contact us & privecy policy)

create new pages
  • Page Content Generate for pages

How to start a blog
  • Install Plugins (Yoast Seo)

install yoast seo

4) Setup blog in wordpress

After doing all of the above you can start working on the blog. Now let’s see the steps to start a blog.

  1. Add categeries
  2. Add Categeries in Main Menu
  3. Add New Post
  4. Add Content
  5. Add Media (with alt text)
  6. Select Categeries
  7. Overview Parmalink
  8. Fill up Yoast Seo Options
  9. Press Post Button

You see how easy it is to start blogging. If you keep all these things in mind, you will be able to easily create a blog website. Trying this way you will become a blogging expert.

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