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How to Get a Job as an Search Engine Optimizarion SEO Newcomer

How to Crack Search Engine Optimization SEO Job as Fresher?

The most common debate is how to get a good Search Engine Optimization SEO job for newcomer. We have to see first. He will take what the employer wants from newcomers. How should you prepare for this? What should newcomers do? First, you have to prove that you will do something for them. Theory alone won’t work.

Search Engine Optimization

What does the employer want from you?

1) Strong theoretical and fundamental knowledge
2) Must have basic SEO for search engine optimization
3) Must be able to understand the Project requirements
4) Must have a practical understanding
5) Should be able to learn new things and try
6) must always come up with good ideas to try new things and experience new things
7) should be a good presentation and interaction with the customer.
8) should not be a “DHAKKAMAR” person. Self-managed companies.
9) must be able to work on several projects simultaneously and can prepare all reports simultaneously.
10) must have some leadership qualities when trained – So he can better manage interns or other team members under them – This will help you keep your job.
11) Should be performance driven/disciplined and must be able to align these strategies/goals with organizational goals.
12) Must have basic knowledge of HTML and websites.
13) Sometimes preferences do the job.

First you should do

1) Do you have a blog with you? with proper Search Engine Optimization SEO setup
2) Documents on your different post: What keywords are you targeting there and why did you decide to target them – How did you build the content around that on-page optimization
3) Prepare ranking growth report if any > if you are using Uber suggest tell how you added projects there and what you are tracking.
4) prepare the indexing report. – which of your pages are indexed?
5) what kind of backlinks are you creating?
6) Technical SEO Challenges: (Document them and prepare a report) What challenges did you face while creating the report and how did you work on those errors to fix them.
7) Also prepare what are your future plans with the blog – How you can bring more traffic to this one.
8) prepare the important analytics metrics you’ve been following for months.
9) prepare a demonstrative report of the company you are going for or the company you want to work for.

prepare sections

  • On page/off page report
  • Technical audit
  • Status of the back link
  • Keyword

10) Prepare the tool you used while preparing the report. (Free Tools / Paid Tools)
11) Let’s say if you’re using the howling frog: you need to know what can be done through those tools.
12) Highlight tool knowledge on your resume. – Create a list for yourself of the tools that can be used in SEO optimization for search engines and for what purpose.

Ready for tough questions

1) How you will react and what you will tell the customer in case of a sudden drop in traffic/ranking.
2) What will your plans be if you don’t chart in 5 months.
3) what to do if pages suddenly started de-indexing.
4) we can position ourselves on the same page in all countries of the world.
5) The interviewer shows you Google Search Console and explains how to remove those errors.
6) Can buy backlinks from Fiver work.
7) what will you do if there are many duplicate pages on the website.
8) Resources you are following to learn SEO optimization for search engines.

9) Who is the SEO Expert to teach you?


Situations can be many: try to create or think of more situations work on those in your free time – read the blog and understand how you can deal with it. Rather than just focusing on your first blog.

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