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How Many Types Of Backlinks

How Many Types Of Backlinks

How do we build backlinks when it comes to this? How many types of backlinks are there? At this point, we have many options. You have different strategies. Some types are very useful. Some types have lost or lost their importance over time. According to new updates from Google, some types are no longer useful. Here we will talk about all types. It can also tell how many options we have for building backlinks. Who can we get backlinks from?
This must be understood first. How can we build backlinks? I want to link one of my websites to another website. How can I access other websites? I don’t have a username or password. First, you create your content. Many websites have different ways to enter them. You can embed that content into the website like this.

17 Types Of Backlinks

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Exchange Schemes
  • PBN Links
  • Social Media Links
  • Infographic Backlinks
  • Image Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • PPT/PDF Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Author Bio Links
  • Article Directory Links
  • PR Links
  • Forum Backlinks
  • Blog Submission
  • Competitors Broken Links
  • Directory Page Links

Guest Posting

When one website invites another website to write content on their website. This is called guest posting. Guest posting is indicated in advance on the website. What kind of content do they expect? They will already tell you. They will give you a do follow backlink or no follow backlink.

Blog Comments

Previous blog comments were a great source to get backlinks. Now Google doesn’t appreciate that. These are considered spammy backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

First of all, you have to understand. What does bookmarking mean? For example, if we want to save a website in the Chrome browser, we add it to the bookmarks. Likewise, there are many websites on the Internet. Where can we save our link? Then a No Follow backlink will be created here.

Link Exchange Scheme

This method is not recommended at all. Google considers this method as a spam.

Directory Page Links

There will be no advantage of using this method. This method can damage your website.

Author Bio Link

You can put your content on many blogs. But you may not have the opportunity to put a link there. It is only allowed to connect to the author bio. Here’s how to build a good backlink.

PBN Links

This backlink is not useful. Google tracks it.

Article Directory Links

This way you can get better backlink. Few websites allow you to write your content in this way. Some places also provide the structure to place their link. This gives a good link to your website. Here you get the Link submit option. Some websites are free and some websites require payment.

Sociel Media Links

You can also publish a social media post with a link. We can also put it in your profile. Nowadays there are many social media websites. You can easily register on these websites. In this way, you can get a good No Follow backlink.

PR Links

In this method you pay the PR company. Those companies will place your artefacts in different places in your favour. This will benefit your website. This link will be a do follow back link.

Infographic Backllinks

Infographics are accepted as content on many websites. There you can also submit your backlink along with infographics.

Forum Links

We do not recommend this method. This does not benefit our website.

Image Submission

As are infographics websites. The same goes for image submissions. There is also a way to get backlinks from them.

Blog Submission

These are the websites where you create your blog. You post your articles on these blogs. You can also put your backlink in these articles.

Classified Submission

There are many such classified websites. Where you can go and place a free classifieds ad. We do not recommend this method.

Competitors Broken Links

This is a very important and good way to get backlinks. We use various tools to see where our competition is getting backlinks from. Among them are broken backlinks. We can get them. This will benefit our websites ranking.

PPT / PDF Submission

It will work the same way. As does infographics and image submissions.

We will explain in the next coming articles. How should we build backlinks? How do we find websites to build backlinks for? We will explain all these types in detail. What should be the strategy to use all these types effectively? If you learn everything well, you can become a link building specialist.

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