6 May

How can digital Marketing help me grow my business

How can digital Marketing help me grow my Business

If you are a businessman and think “How can digital Marketing help me grow my Business”. Nowadays people want to grow their business through digital marketing. It has two ways.

  1. You can hire an agency that will do the digital marketing work for you.
  2. can do digital marketing on your own if you learn a little about it.

In both of these cases a few points need to be kept in mind.

How can digital Marketing help me grow my business

1) Results take time, due to data and platforms

First of all, you have to keep one thing in mind. Digital marketing takes time to produce results. For how many platforms there are in digital marketing, the results don’t come immediately like Google, Facebook, etc.

When you start working on these platforms it takes some time to generate data. Without data you cannot improve. You have to be patient in the beginning. Don’t expect results within days like good return on ad spend and leads etc. It can only be optimized when the data starts arriving.

2) It implies an investment (Agency, Web, Creative/Video, CRM/Portal) You have to invest in something. You have to build an ecosystem to sustain and scale.

This point is very important. Some businessmen also come to us. They say we want to start digital marketing. You start working as the business grows we will increase the investment. You have to understand that there are some systems in place even before you jump into digital marketing. They will have to spend something.

You will need to make an investment right from the start. Digital marketing cannot be started from scratch. However, it may not require as much money as a typical business startup. The works cannot be started only by paying the agency fees and the aid money. You will not be able to compete with your competitors.

  • There will be an agency fee.
  • Creating a website will cost.
  • There will be a cost to make the video.
  • Tracking portals will also cost.

3) Be realistic with goal setting – know the math of your business (profitability, etc.)

You need to fully understand your business. How many leads do we need? How many leads will we be able to break even on spending? On how many contacts we can get the best profit. How many leads can be handled based on our investment?

It is very important to know these things. Your goal setting should also be realistic. For example, you’re trading $1000. You can’t set a goal of $100,000, early on, using digital marketing.

Understanding where your audience is and what's right for you in the beginning (SEO, Facebook, Google Ads)

You should know. Where does your audience live? In which area can you earn by placing an ad? Which platform can you use to make the best profits? You don’t have to do any marketing coercion. There is no need to do SEO if your business can run on Facebook or Google Ads. Test your product first. How do you know if people like your product? Is your price wrong? You should know which platform is best for you. One law cannot apply to all businesses.

5) Do > Collect Data > Plan > Improve

Success with digital marketing can only be achieved through a process.

  1. Do
  2. Collect Data
  3. Plan
  4. Improve

Skipping any of the above points will not be beneficial. You learned how to do it yourself or through an agency. With a little effort, you too can become a digital marketing expert.

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